legal name Katelyn Quinn Bridges birth date; age July 23, 1989; 26 birthplace London, UK current residence Kensington, London relationship status good question occupation actress pets Chianti/Chi Chi
July 23, 1989. Somewhere in England. A baby girl named Katelyn was born into a family with two older girls. Give or take a few years and she was no longer the youngest. She was a smart, brilliant child. She was slow on the uptake, intelligent, but behind the learning scale of most children. She never let that stop her from have adventures of her own. With her family, she travelled around, seeking that adventure. Before her eyes, she watched her older sisters become the two well adjusted women they truly are. She watched them raise to fame as she continued on with her education, studying hard, never letting her reading get the best of her. Katelyn always struggled with reading, which always set her apart from her family. Not to mention that she held an allergy to everything, keeping her from eating most foods and wearing most clothes. While she had been in and out of the hospital quite a few times in her life, it never stopped her. She finished school top of her class and was planning on attending university, but she never made it that far. During the final year before her academic career ended, she was bitten by the acting bug and never looked back after starring in a couple of plays. Although she struggled reading the scripts, she was in love. She felt like she finally was a part of the family - as if she ever thought negatively about anything!

On a whim, she took a stab at auditioning for more roles, apart from theatrical ones on community stages, with help from both her parents and her oldest sister, however leaving their name out of it. She originally auditioned for a much different part of the British TV show "Skins", a character opposite of her. The casting team loved her! Just not for that role. She thought she wouldn't even get any role after being told that. The thought didn't bother. However... that wasn't the case. It turned out that they loved her and wanted her for a different a role, a role that she can relate to a little closer.

However, this was during the time she was trying to keep food down. Once the episodes started airing, people started speculating that she had an eating disorder and this kept up throughout the time she starred in the show. Like her character, she was in the hospital, in psychiatric care, and no one knew what was wrong with her. That is, until, someone finally mentioned that she had Celiacs, which is much like an allergy to gluten, among other things. After her time on the show ended, she check herself into rehab, which sparked more rumors, leading people to believe that she had drug problems on top of her eating disorder, however false that may be. This was the only way to get her back on the road to recovery. Within a few months, she was released, happier than she could be, taking up an exercise regime and gaining muscles that she never had before. She was healthy. That's all that she wanted.

Give a year or two later, she was now able to show her body in a healthier way, instead of being criticized for hers, although the haters still are gonna hate, but that doesn't let things get to Katelyn. She was never one to let things bring her down. She always had a positive vibe, promote health and happiness to one and all. This lead her to showing a bit of skin, more than she ever wanted, on a new show she happened to have landed. It was a challenge, but she knew it was for the art. She fell in love with her new character, one that differs from the previous one she had played in the past. She learned to love herself more through this and gained popularity, among other things. However, she didn't let that go to her head. While she was interested in doing more roles and more movies, she never saw herself as a "main character" type of person, so she always chose roles co-starring or even smaller roles, cameos even. She was never one to step into the spotlight, giving it to everyone else. She tries to keep to herself most of the time, but sometimes it's hard to stay away from the limelight. She's slowly taking up larger roles, but will always take a smaller role happily.

In some ways, some people think of her as "too nice". Other people consider her a bit "hippie dippy" like her first acting role was. Others perceive her as being a prude, but she doesn't let it get to her. Not at all. She takes the negatives and turns them into positives, using them as constructive criticism.

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01. She isn't a very strong singer and she knows this, but continues regardless of what people may think. It's even in the movie God Help The Girl.
02. She has celiacs disease and can't eat gluten, however, she's allergic to a lot of things, but that doesn't stop her from trying things.
03. Katelyn has a childlike mind and has been known to spurt out random, happy things, living by her mantra "peace and love".
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