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    Katelyn Quinn attends Balmain Homme 2017 in Paris, FR on January 21, 2017 [x]
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    katelynquinn: A littl Balmain fun with my +1. Congrats, @samisuliman!
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    "Daenerys is certainly a feminist. She took charge of her own sexual gratification, she doesn't stand for domestic violence, and men always underestimates her. She knows that she's not obligated to show affection to a man just because he assists her in some way. Above all, she speaks out about what she wants, and doesn't care for what others might label her as for it. She has made mistakes, but don't we all? We learn from them and become a better person. I know I have. She's become an inspiration and I think believe she changed me for the better."
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    lucky enough to run into daenerys targaryen >> khaleesi takes a stand.

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    "Game of Thrones" actress Katelyn Quinn is set to join Kirsten Dunst's directorial debut of adaption of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, which stars Dakota Fanning and Satchel Compton, whom of which Quinn will star alongside in the 2017 film Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film about A.A. Milne and the creation of famous teddy bear that was inspired by his son.

    The Bell Jar will follow a young woman who moves to the big city, and grapples with mental illness. Plath would take her own life a month after the book was published.

    Quinn's character is unknown at this time.

    Dunst is co-writing the script with Nellie Kim, and everything is coming together for filming to begin in early 2017. The recipe for success is certainly here, and we’re eager to see what Dunst and co. manage to make out of the iconic book.


    Any guesses on who she sillwill be playing? My money's on Doreen, but anything is game at this point.

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    1. "Probably my favourite sign. #womensmarchonparis
    2. es dames de fer sous la Dame de Fer. #nastywomen #womensmarchonparis
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    katelyquinn: Going through my old phone photos and found this gem from filming "Chains" musicvide. @nickjonas #tbt #majorwedgies

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    get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite actresses → katelyn quinn